My design background consists of 9 years experience across both printed and digital communications. During this time I have provided new and existing businesses with in depth brand analysis, strategy, development and management from the ground up. Working along side a strong network of talented creative, marketing and media personnel I understand that collaboration is vital within our industry. Together with my colleagues I have helped launch intriguing ideas to the marketplace, whilst ensuring and measuring their success. My goal is to create active brands that can communicate, understand and adapt to the needs of the market in order to drive continual success.

To work within a team of highly motivated and forward thinking individuals, where I can apply my creative skills in an inspired and professional manner. Conceptualize design solutions for prospective and existing clients to obtain a stronger awareness in the marketplace for business ventures, events, products and services.
To be part of a company that allows me to utilise my knowledge, imagination and creativity methodically and with intelligence during all creative processes. Within an environment where I am able to evolve as a designer and enjoy success with my colleagues.

A simple and effective approach to brand strategy through applied ethos, pathos and logos.
Ethos – Appeal to ethics
First we need to understand the ideologies that shape the world we live in, our cultural differences, how it determines our political governance, indoctrination, social structures and behaviour. This provides a general outline of the populations ethical and moral fabric which acts as the cornerstone for what we consider to be socially acceptable and how we aspire to progress naturally. Our ethics and morals form habitual human behaviour that are most commonly sparked by the subconscious. It drives our day to day decision making, and is also responsible for our choice patterns as consumers.​​​​​​​

A deeper understanding of ethos will guide the approach during the strategy stage. In order to develop a long lasting rapport a brand must align it's values to those of it's intended market. A brand with well considered values has the power to become a representation of character in someone's life, an extension of who they are and how they wish to be perceived.
Pathos – Appeal to emotion
We all have a natural inclination to want to belong, whether it be to a certain group, class, scene or tribe. To achieve this we project our emotions outward - the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the cars we drive, the phones we own and the houses and suburbs we live in - almost every choice we make can be traced back to our emotive reasoning. Through these expressions we strive to attract like minded people who share our interests, passions and most importantly our live’s.

This consideration must be present throughout the entirety of the creative process. From a brand’s visual nature, it’s tone of voice and how, when and where consumers will engage with it.  If a consumer feels a brand understands them emotionally this is when a life long relationship begins to form and can be built upon.
Logos – Appeal to logic
Logic is always present when making a consumer decision, it should not be hindered by emotion, although it often is - after all we are only human. This train of thought is commonly based around financial decisions, however depending on the product or service it is necessary to include other factors such as time, location, age, gender, cultural alignment, health and well being. Logic is difficult to gauge as circumstances vary greatly among person to person. If we are able to appeal to a consumers morals, ethics and emotions successfully then we have won half the battle.​​​​​​​

Here we are required to alter how a brand sells to it’s customers in the market place, by varying price points, a wider range of products, cultural diversification, or through numerous service offerings and loyalty programs. If a customer feels a brand has considered their current situation then it will appeal to logic greatly.
In order to correctly execute any brand strategy we need to continuously ask the questions our consumers will be faced with. No stone can be left unturned as once a brand has been launched it will face immediate public referendum which will determine its success or failure. Throughout this exploration and questioning process we are able to provoke a deeper level of thought, unlocking interesting and insightful information which can then be applied to a brands core values and shape the way it communicates, behaves and adapts.

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